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Pop Corn

花式特色 – 爆谷

Reliable, professional and accountable, we are always well prepared to make your event stand out from the crowd. With our well-experienced Pop Corn and Cotton Candy team, we promise you with crispy popcorn, fluffy cotton candy & variety of options. Let’s take your event to the next level by today! 


Pop Corn

On-Site Delivery
Helper With Uniform
Ingredients & Basic Paper Cone
3 Hours Non-Stop Popping


All Sorts of Different Flavors: 
Salty / Caramel / Chocolate etc.

爆 谷 機 到 會




各 款 爆 谷 味 道 選 擇:
鹽 味 / 焦 糖 / 朱 古 力 等

Stylish & Tasty
特 式 爆 谷

Add on Extra Toppings to Stylish Up
( Ice-Cream / Candy / Biscuit etc. )

為 客 戶 特 別 製 造 不 同 類 型 的 爆 谷

( 如 加 入 彩 糖 / 餅 乾 / 雪 糕 等 )

Additional Services
升 級 服 務

+ Pop Corn Cart
Custom Design & Wrap of The Popper
Customize Paper / Plastic Cups
Customize Paper / Plastic Box

+ 爆 谷 車

包 裝 爆 谷 機 / 爆 谷 車

自 訂 L O G O 紙 杯 / 膠 杯

自 訂 L O G O  紙 盒 / 膠 盒

Quotation Request

Let us know what you need. The more details you provide, the more accurate our quotation will be.


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