All About The Guest is a professional & creative event hosting & business promotion company that serves society’s influencers & game changers through its one-stop services.
All About The Guest is committed to provide clients with the most reliable services while improving the system of workflow. Our professional teammates have covered hundreds of events across Hong Kong & China. From promotions, annual dinners, openings, nightlife & life style events, our coverage is renowned for original tailor-make arrangements for various clients & occasions.
All About The Guest value what is right for its customer in everything it does. We want to be approachable & caring, exceed customer’s expectations, & invest in long-lasting relationship.
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WHATSAPP: +852 6488 1186
All About The Guest 是專業、敢於創新的一站式製作及推廣公司。
All About The Guest 致力發展香港及海外製作。連接演藝界,通過與各大報章、電子傳媒緊密合作,配合充滿時代魅力、揉合美麗及氣質的專業模特兒,使不同界別層面的客戶,在建立其專業品牌形象的過程中,更能得心應手,從而推出廣大出眾的推廣宣傳活動。
All About The Guest 悉心為每位客戶打造最稱心可靠的推廣宣傳活動,務求令客戶之服務及商品大放異采。大至特色廣告汽車、特色爆谷機、花式綿花糖機、社交分享自助印相屋;小至特色小食、專業模特兒、專業攝影製作、到會服務,統統能在此體驗,享受完善的工作系統及彈性服務安排。我們的推廣宣傳活動,覆蓋各類型展覽、晚宴、才藝表演、招待會以及潮流品牌宣傳等。認識一位新的客戶叫我們興奮,但更高興,是能夠為更多位重臨的客戶,提供長遠的解決問題方案及服務。